Articles of Our Faith


We believe in one eternally existent, infinite God, sovereign of the universe. He only is God, creative and administrative, Holy in nature attributes and purpose. He as God, is first in the Godhead, an essential being, revealed as Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.


We believe in Jesus Christ, the second person of the God- head. Christ was eternally one with the Father. He became incarnate by the Holy Spirit and was born of the Virgin Mary so that two whole and perfect natures, (the Godhead and manhood) are thus united in one person, very God and very man, the God-man. We believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and that He truly rose from the dead and took again His body, together with all things appertaining to the perfection of man’s nature, wherewith He ascended into Heaven and is there engaged in intercession for us.


We believe in the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Godhead. The Holy Spirit is ever present and efficiently active in and with the church of Christ, convincing the world of sin, regenerating those who repent and believe, sanctifying believers and guiding them into all truth as it is in Jesus.


We believe in the plenary inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. By that which we understand, the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments are given by divine inspiration, inertly revealing the will of God concerning us in all things necessary to our salvation, so that whatever is not contained therein is not to be enjoined as an article of faith.


We believe that original sin or depravity is that corruption of the nature of all the off springs of Adam by reason of which everyone is very far gone from original righteousness or the pure state of our first parents at the time of their creation, is averse to God, is without spiritual life and inclined to evil, and that it continues to exist with the new life of the regenerate until eradicated by the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


We believe that Jesus Christ, by His suffering, the shedding of His blood, and His meritorious death on the cross, made a full atonement for all human sin. This atonement is the only grounds for salvation and that it is sufficient for every individual of Adam’s race.


We believe that man’s creation in God’s likeness included the ability to choose between right and wrong. Thus, man was made morally responsible and through the fall of Adam he became depraved. So, he can not now turn and prepare himself by his own natural strength and works of faith and calling upon God. But only by the grace of God, through Jesus Christ that is freely bestowed upon all men, enabling all who will to turn from sin to righteousness. We believe on Jesus Christ for pardon and the cleansing from sin. We believe that man, though in possession of the experience of regeneration and entire sanctification, may fall from grace and apostatize, and unless he repents of his sin, he will be hopelessly and eternally lost.


We believe that repentance, which is a sincere and thorough change of mind in regard to sin, involving a sense of personal guilt and voluntary turning away from sin is demanded of all who have by act or purpose become sinners against God. The Spirit of God gives to all that will repent the gracious help of penitence of heart and hope of mercy, that they may believe unto pardon and spiritual life.


We believe that justification is that gracious and judicial act of God by which He grants full pardon of all guilt and complete release from the penalty of sins committed and acceptance as righteous to all who believe and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We believe that regeneration or the new birth is that gracious work of God whereby the moral nature of the repentant believer is spiritually quickened and given a distinctively spiritual life, capable of faith, love and obedience. We believe that adoption is that gracious act of God by which the justified and regenerated believer is constituted a “Son of God”. Justification, regeneration and adoption are simultaneous in the experience of seekers after God and are obtained upon the condition of faith, preceded by repentance and to this work and state of grace the Holy Spirit bears witness.


We believe that entire sanctification is the act of God, subsequent to regeneration, by which believers are made free from original sin or depravity, and brought into a state of entire devotement to God and the Holy obedience of love is made perfect. It is wrought by the baptism of the Holy Spirit and comprehends in one experience the cleansing of the heart from sin and the abiding indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, empowering the believer for life and service. Entire sanctification is provided by the blood of Jesus, is wrought instantaneously by faith, preceded by entire consecration. To this work and the state of grace, the Holy Spirit bears witness. This experience is also known by various terms, representing its different phases such as “Christian Perfection”, “Heart Purity”, and “The Baptism of the Holy Ghost” and “Christian Holiness.”


We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will come again. We believe that we who are alive at His coming shall not precede them that are asleep in Christ Jesus. But that, if we are abiding in Him, we shall be caught up with the risen saints to meet the Lord in the air, so that we shall ever be with the Lord.


We believe in the resurrection of the dead. That the bodies of both the just and the unjust shall be raised to life and united with their spirit (they that have done evil unto the resurrection of damnation). We believe in future judgment in which every man shall appear before God to be judged according to his deeds in this life. We believe that a glorious and everlasting life is assured to all that believe in and obediently follow Jesus Christ our Lord and that the final impenitent shall suffer eternally in hell.


We believe in the Bible doctrine of divine healing and urge our congregates to seek the prayer of faith for the healing of the sick. Medical consultants and agencies when deemed necessary are not condemned.


The Church of God by Faith, Inc. affirms without equivocation that marriage is a sacred Biblical covenant between one man and one woman. We believe Mark 10:6-9 that reads:

“But from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; and they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

We understand clearly that civil law will sometimes clash with the standards God set for his people in His Word, however, the Church of God by Faith, Inc. chooses to follow God’s plan that only one man and one woman can bond in the sanctity of marriage. The Church of God By Faith, Inc. further holds that its Bylaws prohibits same-gender wedding services in our churches or facilities, and such services cannot and will not be officiated by our clergy. We pray blessings over all of God’s children and remain committed to helping all to live according to His will.