Ministry Leaders
Ruling Elder James Ware
  • National Ruling Elder on Executive Board
  • Ocala District Superintendent
  • Ocala Temple Senior Pastor
  • Outreach Ministry
Prophetess Gwendolyn Ware
  • National Leading Lady
  • Ocala Temple First Lady
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Ministerial Staff
Minister Roderick Montgomery, II
  • Assistant Pastor
  • Director Youth and Young Adult Department
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Audio/Data Technician Director
Evangelist Brittany Montgomery
  • Ministerial Staff
  • Technology Team
  • Church Programming Committee
Deacon Sylvester Asber
  • Deacon’s Board Chairman
  • Transportation Ministry
Minister Dr. Leticia Hardy
  • Ministerial Staff
  • Church Administrator 
  • Director of Global Missions and Outreach
Sister Shawanda Rodgers
  • Church Clerk
Elder Mark Hart
  • Ministerial Staff
  • Prison Ministry
Minister Jerome Rodgers
  • Ministerial Staff
  • Director of Security
  • Assistant Director of Youth and Young Adult Department
Deacon Tim Lowe
  • Deacon’s Board
  • Disciple Ministry
  • Transportation Ministry
  • Sunday School Superintendent
Sis. Shatara Summerall
  • Finance Board Secretary
  • Pastoral Appreciation Committee
  • Youth and Young Adult Ministry Secretary
Sis. Tyra Montgomery
  • Praise and Worship Director
  • Pastoral Appreciation Committee
Sister Edna Brown
  • Global Missions Secretary
  • Food Ministry
Sister Pam Lowe
  • Children’s Ministry Director
Sister Sharon Asber
  • Assistant Director Children’s Church
Evangelist Myra Montgomery
  • Women’s Ministry Director